Chic, Trendy, Totally You

& Totally Fun!

Hi! I’m Emily…


Senior portrait photographer and stylist in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania


Senior Portrait Photography started for me before I was even a Senior in High School. In fact, I was just 15 years old! BUT I knew what seniors wanted in their photos because I knew what I wanted in my own portraits.


That was seven years ago, and the only thing that’s changed is a BA in photography and my wardrobe…or rather, the amount of clothes in my wardrobe…


I should probably thank my days working as a stylist in a little boutique during college. There, I was in charge of creating outfits for marketing promotions, and I loved it! Those skills spilled over into my client work, assisting my seniors in outfit selections for their session that worked best for their shape and features.

“Have fun and look good doing it!” - It’s basically my life motto!

Now, I have several closets full of clothes that are on-trend and carefully sought out with the intent to stand out! If you’re the kind of girl who shops her best friend’s closet before going out for the weekend, then you can call me your new best friend….because booking a senior session with me gives you access to many trendy new styles...all without a costly trip to the mall!

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